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    Adding Mouseover Text to Webhelp TOC

    paulmasalsky Level 1
      Does anyone know if the mouseover text in RH's XML TOC file (whtdata0.xml) can be changed?
      Right now it only displays the topic title on the name="" parameter on <item> or <book>. I'd like it to display additional text, like the first paragraph of each topic, something like this:

      <item url="esa_brd_software_list.htm" name="Software list" alt="List of application software in the product"></item>

      In this case the topic title will still be "Software list" in the TOC, but the mouseover will give the text of the alt="" tag. But alt="" is not valid and I don't know if another valid tag exists.

      Many thanks in advance for your help.
      Paul Masalsky