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    My TOC subentry titles get LEFT-aligned with their respective icons in RH 8.

    Kutra Level 1

      I noticed the previous dicussions where long subentries were getting right-aligned with the end of the text. In my case, the long subentries get left-aligned with their icons (books/topics) as shown below. I have been using RH for the same project since 2002, so I have been upgrading all along. I have duplicated the issue.




      I tried duplicating both the left-aligned and right-aligned scenarios using RH8's dummy project "Web Graphics". I could reproduce the right-aligned issue if I applied the Default or even the KnowledgeBase Help skin, and I could reproduce my left-aligned issue if I applied the Traditional syle (no skin). The frustrating thing is that the left-aligned issue is happening for my project even when I apply my custom skin!


      I tried implementing the following solution discussed in RH8 - Bookmarks/Pages aligning to the right in TOC pane when long topic titles clicked?, but I could not find that line of code in RH 8's whthost.js.


      "To disable this in RoboHelp 7, open whthost.js and comment out the line: aIdList[aIdList.length-1].focus();

      like this: //aIdList[aIdList.length-1].focus();."


      Do you have any fixes? Thanks in advance.