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    Export to tape distortion

    kirm99 Level 1

      Hi ~


      I'm exporting to tape a standard DV sequence in PPro CS4. At several light to dark edits, the video whips slightly, as if it were losing tracking or sync. But I've only seen this on my CRT editing monitors, not LCDs.


      I'll be sending the videotape to be closed-captioned, and then it will be broadcast locally - so I'm trying to determine if there's actually a problem that will be seen on CRT television, or if it's just a problem with this CRT (I don't have any other CRTs to try out) This glitch is apparent while recording on the videotape, and also when playing the videotape back.


      The video levels are below 100. I tried adding the Broadcast Colors filter just in case, but it didn't help.


      Any suggestions?





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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          You need to find a way to test on another CRT.  No one you know still has one?  Every person of your acquiantence has upgraded to an HDTV?

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            kirm99 Level 1

            I see that the distortion happens even when I step thru the sequence frame by frame. when I click from the bright scene to the dark scene, it takes the CRT a fraction of a second to lock in the video. It looks like a glitch you'd get from a bad edit on videotape - like the control track was lost for a split second. (!?)

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              kirm99 Level 1

              Okay, I was just able to test it on another CRT television - and no glitch. But I'm still feeling apprehensive, because my good, high quality professional  editing monitor is the one it showed up on. So now I'm thinking maybe it will also show up on the good equipment at the closed-captioning company?


              so now what do I do???

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                My first thought was some sort of DC Restoration problem with the current monitor.  That you don't see the glitch on another CRT somewhat confirms this.  Testing on a third may solidify that.

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                  kirm99 Level 1

                  I was thinking there might be something wrong with my video signal - and in searching for answers, I found the Video Limiter filter in PPro - which lets you set a clipper for the min and max chroma levels (-20 and +120 respectivly), and also for the lum levels (0 to 100).


                  so now that I'm sure that my video is legal, I feel better about the glitch being caused by the monitor - and not a problem with tracking or illegal black levels messing with the sync.