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    Export Module & LR2 Mogrify: which modules to use and in what order?


      As a follow on to my previous thread: How do I modify the behaviour of "Image Sizing" Module in Export

      answered by  Eric Scouten and  Tim Armes.


      The answer was LR2 Mogrify (version 4) does what I want.


      However it has stimulated some more questions?


      a) Both Mogrify and Ligthroom export can do for example sharpening and colour profile.


         Does it matter which ones I use, particularly if I use mogrify to re-size the image?


      b) Which leads to the more general question

           If I'm using mogrify and some of the Lightroom export capabilities

           What the order of execution for the various modules?


           How (in one's own plug-in) do you control the order of execution?


      Best wishes


      Terry Hewitt

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          escouten Adobe Employee

          a) is a judgement call and I'll leave that for others to answer.


          b) Order of execution is strictly user controlled. If there are multiple export post-proc actions (i.e. LR2/Mogrify and something else), you will see up and down arrows that you can use to rearrange them into desired sequence. If there are multiple post-proc actions offered from the same plug-in, it's possible for the plug-in authors to ask for them all to run as one action, and then the plug-in author would implement them in the desired sequence. I believe Tim has done this in LR2/Mogrify.

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            Terry_Hewitt Level 1



            Thanks for that. Your replies, some trial and error and reading the Ligthroom SDK Manual means I'm starting to understand it.


            I think some of my confusion comes from the layout of the modules in the "Export Screen"


            All the Ligthtroom ones are ABOVE all the LR2 Mogrify ones


            which of course suggests that the Lightroom bits get executed before the Mogrify ones.


            For Export actions that's not too bad, but for Post-process actions it would be nice if the mogrify ones were ABOVE the Lightroom ones.


            Ideally interelave the modules into the correct order!


            I realise from a S/W development perspective this might be impossible.


            An alternative might be to re-inforce the "order of execution" in both the Users Guide and the SDK manual, and perhpas a one-line note on the Export page itself.


            Once again thanks for the helpful repsonse.


            Best wishes