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    web page in Flash?


      Hi All,

      Please visit http://www.articulate.com/products/demos/blog/Web_Object_Demo/player.html and click on "embedded Web Object" then you will see that there is a web page in the Flash!

      I really want to do the same thing for my full Flash web site, in which I want to do exactly the same thing with the so called "embedded Web Object".  But I don't really know how..........

      If anyone knows how to do that then please let me know.  Thanks a million in advance!

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          Its a very interesting technique.


          What they are doing is using ExternalInterface to call a Javascript function on the page that displays an absolutely positioned iFrame on top of the Flash content.  So, the website is not displaying inside the SWF, it only appears to be.


          A note: This technique did not work in Google Chrome, and mis-positioned in my IE8