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    Placing/Sizing a photo over video




      I am very new to Premiere and have watched quite a few tutorials and have not seen this addressed.


      I am filming a video about car sizes. The shot I need is simple: I need a car to appear (fades in) in the palm of my hand. I don't need it to move, or do anything else.  Do I need to create the image to scale, and dimention of the video and place it in, or is there is a way I can import the image, resize it, place it where I want, and add the effect.


      I do hope I am clear on this.


      I'm using Premiere Pro CS4 on a mac pro with dual quad core processors, way overkill for what I need, but my company wanted to get top of the line and hope I can learn to do more with video.


      If anyone has any good tutorials you want to shoot me, I would also appriciate it. This program is intimidating and I'm trying to get a handle on it.






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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Often, it's preferable to scale your photo or graphic assets before using them in a Premiere Pro timeline, because that calculation only needs to be done once. If you scale within Premiere, that transformation is being calculated for every single frame of the clip's duration, even if there is no animation. Now, that's well within the capabilities of any modern computer, but you can often achieve higher quality results by scaling before you import, in a program such as Photoshop.


          That said, it's easier to scale within Premiere because you can see how the scaled image corresponds to your underlying image/background, and you can position the scaled image much more interactively. Check out the following help file sections for more information on how to do this:




          Hope that helps...