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    Elements Trial Version



      I'm brand new to PE, checking out a trial version at present. Excuse the silly questions, but I just want to confirm a few things. I presume the gaudy 'ADOBE' logo on my finished movies disappears when you use the full, paid for version?! Also, there seems to be some functionality lacking (animation of titles) - same problem?


      On a different note, I'm using a standard def. SONY HDD camcorder, with the provided PMB software to copy the files from camera to computer. There seems to be a loss in quality using this software. Any ideas?


      I'd appreciate as much info as you have time to give!!


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, that Adobe logo on your clips is just because you're using the trial. Otherwise all your videos would just be one big advertisement, right?!


          As for your camcorder, it's not the ideal source for editing in this program, but it's doable, if you don't mind working with it.


          First, I'm assuming by HDD that you mean a standard definition hard drive camcorder, not an AVCHD camcorder, which has some other considerations.


          For working with hard disc camcorders, the best results will come by NOT capturing with the software that comes with the cam.


          Instead, start a project in Premiere Elements (be sure to use the project presets for a hard drive camcorder!) and the use Get Media/Hard Drive Camcorder to download the video files from the camcorder.


          Once you begin editing, you'll notice a red line above your clips as you add them to your timeline. This is an indication that these clips will need to be rendered -- and you should do that regularly by pressing the Enter key. (Premiere Elements 8 includes a feature for automatically rendering as you work -- but, on a less than super computer, it can make the rest of the program dog a bit so most people turn it off.)


          The rendered files should be virtually as clean as your originals, and you should get excellent results.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Here is the FAQ entry on the removal of the watermark, once one has the full-paid version.


            Good luck,



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              EmotionalStone Level 1

              Hi Steve,


              Thanks for your reply. Why is my camcorder (Sony Standard Definition Hard Disc Drive) 'not the ideal source of editing in this program'? I've only used Movie Maker before now - I want a better, funkier software but I won't be getting a new camcorder any time soon. Are there other softwares (comparable to PE in terms of functionality) that would be more suitable?





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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Hard drive video needs to be rendered as you're working it. (Tape-based video does not.)


                But, if you're working with the proper project presets and don't mind rendering regularly (by pressing the Enter key), you should be fine with that cam.

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