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    PHP 5.3, able to patch and fix?


      I know there has been alot of discussion about this and have seen some posts here and there about replacing some of the depreciated functions to get things to work in 5.3  I currently have 5.26 but have alot of customers who do not host with me and know sooner or later I'm gonna get that call that their site isn't working.Has anyone been able to manually fix the critical files in the /includes to get ADDT working with 5.3?


      I sure hope so, when Adobe discontinued I wasn't as upset as alot of others because even with them discontuning, it wasn't like it made ADDT any less great and dynamic as it currently is. Now that PHP 5.3 is out there, the real inevitable truth of ADDT being no more officially is that much closer. Even if I have to patch fixes manually and keep a version of the /includes for 5.3 and just use on sites that will be hosted on 5.3.


      anyways, thought i would see if anyone has it running on 5.3