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    AE mid-render crash, render keeps going


      I'm currently in the middle of a 4- minute project render that should be complete in 90 minutes.  The project is simply a keying task, taking 720p greenscreen footage and exporting a 32 bit RGB+Alpha channel Targa sequence for later import into Premiere.  The source footage is a 1280x720 TIFF sequence from Premiere.


      Effects applied in AE are 3 color keys, simple choker, and Keylight.


      After Effects crashed just after the 15 second mark on the timeline, but the render is still going.   The crash dialog says "After Effects can't continue: sorry, After Effects has crashed ..... etc".  There is a number at the bottom that says (0 :: 42 )


      I assume if I click on the crash dialog, AE will close - but it appears so far that if I leave it alone, the render will continue and  finish.  Since this is a Targa file sequence without an end-of-file to worry about, the render should complete as long as AE doesn't close.


      I've disabled OpenGL and changed the purge frames option in the 'secret menu'.  Any ideas as to what is causing the crash?


      Thanks in advance for any info!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Most likely it's one of the plug-ins, presumably Keylight, that causes a "crash". Could of course also be the file I/O plug-in that crashes just on one damaged source file and then is immediatley re-initialized. Hard to tell. For such stuff, enabling the Extra per Frame Info option on teh render queue as wel las watching the processing state by untwirling the info area in the RQ are the only way to find out what's going on.