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    Preloader and moviecliploader class




      Firstly thanks to kglad for some advice yesterday. More needed


      I am using FlashMX 2004 Professional.


      I have been having problems with my preloader which i have placed as a movieclip at the start of the pertinent scenes where it is needed. The problem has been one of file size in frame one -  a common problem I beieve. This causes the preloader script to malfunction and come in late and show just 100% loaded of the preloader animation - again a common problem I am reading. SO it seems clear having designed the whole website using LoadMovie Number that the movieClipLoaderClass would be the solution to getting my Preloader to work. Hmm..


      So can people tell me that if I now create a seperate scene for the preloader and have it listen for any downloading swf to activate using the moviecliploader class will this work ok in tandem with how I have connected all the other scenes using the loadmovienumber? Just need to now before I start trying that out. My hope is that the Preloader will then overcome the file size issue of the first frame because and it will not have to load itself every time afresh.


      Hope this makes sense, I am fairly inexperienced here...