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    How to set file permissions for SFTP uploaded file?




      is it possible to set file permissions with the SDK for files uploaded via SFTP transfer? I use the default sample plugin ftp_upload.lrdevplugin to transfer the files, but would like to tweak it to set the uploaded file(s) to permission 644 (rw-,r--,r--) on Linux server. Currently the server sets new file(s) by default to 600 (rw-,---,---).


      I am looking for an option to do the "chmod" directly from Lightroom without doing any modificatios in general to default umask, etc. settings on the server. No real UI is needed for this. Just hardcoded setting for 644 in the .lua.


      So far I've been unsuccesful in finding the way. Googled, read this forum, looked at the API. Maybe I just missed it, or does this functionality exist?


      All advice is appreciated!