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    Adding Mouseover Text to Webhelp TOC

      Does anyone know if the mouseover text in RH's XML TOC file (whtdata0.xml) can be changed?
      Right now it only displays the topic title on the name="" parameter on <item> or <book>. I'd like it to display additional text, like the first paragraph of each topic, something like this:

      <item url="esa_brd_software_list.htm" name="Software list" alt="List of application software in the product"></item>

      In this case the topic title will still be "Software list" in the TOC, but the mouseover will give the text of the alt="" tag. But alt="" is not valid and I don't know if another valid tag exists.

      Many thanks in advance for your help.
      Paul Masalsky
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          It's actually the whthost.js file that needs to be edited, as described in Rick Stone's Skinny on Skins tutorial,, available for free at his site. Look for the TOC > Using additional page images in the TOC topic. (The title value is what you'll be changing.)

          * Use "\n" (without the quotes) for line breaks when needed.
          * Don't add spaces or line breaks as you type inside this area: let RH control where indents and line breaks will occur.
          * Save the edited file somewhere and use it to overwrite the new file that RH will create each time you generate.

          This only works for pages, not for books. See an example from my usage (both an alternate image and descriptive text) in the attached code.

          Good luck,