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    Premiere Pro 2.0 slows when dealing with larger video files


      I'm having issues with Premiere Pro 2.0 slowing to a crawl and taking 60-90 seconds to come back to life when dealing with larger .avi's (8+ mins). When I try to play a clip on the timeline, drag the slider over said clip, or play from a title into said clip on the timeline, Premiere hangs. The clips on question are all rendered, and the peak file has been generated for each different clip has well. This is a new problem; the last time I was working with a larger clip (45+ mins, captured from a Hi-8 cam), I had no problems. Now, I experience this slow down with all longer clips, although I've only dealt with footage captured from a Hi-8 cam and also a mini-DV cam. This problem has made Premiere nearly unusable. I'm desperate at this point.




      CPU: P4 HT 2.4ghz

      Ram: 2x 1gb DDR

      Video: ATI Radeon 9000 Series

      Scratch Disk: 250gb WD My Book - USB 2.0 (I suspect this might be part of the problem)

      OS: XP Pro SP2


      I'm not on my machine right now, and I can definitely provide more information if needed.


      Thanks in advance.