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    Break out of Gateway branches

    BPM Developer

      I have a process that requires 10 people to review and approve a form before it can move on.  It does not need to be sequential and time is of the essence, so I have used a gateway and created 10 different branches.  The issue is that if any one of the 10 people deny the request, all the others should receive an email notification and the process should end.  I could put 3 routes out of each review step with the names "approve", "deny" and "cancel".  Then, if one denies, an email notification would go out to the rest of the approvers informing them that it has been denied and they can just hit "cancel" to complete the process.  What is the best practice approach to accomplish this?  Should I invoke a subprocess that will go through and automatically complete the tasks at the other review tasks?  Is there a good sample to do this?