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    FCP vs. Premiere: what's better to edit 39 hours of HD doc footage with subtitles?


      This is my first time editing and I need to make some decisions about what kind of computer & software to get. This is a no-budget project at the moment but I will be saving up to get a computer.

      I have always been a PC user but was planning on saving for a Macbook Pro (laptop is the most practical for me at this stage) and FCP - just assumed it was the standard for those of us too poor for Avid but am being pulled a bit in both directions.

      I've only played with Macs and FCP a little bit so either way it's learning a new program, and I AM poor...so want to make the most cost-effective choice but at the same time I hope this won't be my only project so may as well get the right gear up front.  Someone told me Premiere isn't the best for subtitles - what is?

      It is a documentary so don't need to anything 'too fancy', but it is in HD and none of it is in English so the subtitle thing might make the difference.

      Please advise!