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    Cs4 - Previewing


      Hi Everyone just installed my shinny new Cs4 and am having trouble with an edit.


      My project is a 720p at 35 f/ps - In cs3 I would hit endter and it would preview it and the play it once it was cached. I could then also close the project and reopen it and all would still be cache and ready to play.


      In cs4 it just cant seem to preview it no matter what, if it does preview it it still doesnt play smooth and if I close the project and reopen the preview is gone.


      I doubt its my machine as I have a new i7 intel with 12 giggs of ram.


      Any help woul dgreatly be appriciated.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          From what video camera and what codec is your source material? Desktop project settings with 35 fps or a typo and you intended 25 fps?


          Some more details please. Look here: Some suggestions

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            CloudLung Level 1

            Hi Harm


            sorry that was a typo its 25 fps...  The original footage is from a red camera but have imported frame sequences as it has alot of compositing dont in another software. Very animation intensive.


            The frames I import are 1280 x 720 square pixels. Worked like a bomb in cs3. But really dont feel like uninstalling everything and going back to Cs3.... must be something Im missing.


            Im on Vista 64 bit.

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              CloudLung Level 1

              Hmmm from what I see on this fourm it looks like a nice little bug caused by reversed clips for some people....I dont have any reversed clips.

              Wow a little frustratng to say the least.


              Guess its final cut pro here I come.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Have you updated CS4 to 4.1 and did you try the Red preset? Maybe that is an alternative approach.

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                  dradeke Adobe Employee

                  If you're rendering a numbered sequence, why wouldn't you render the clip in reverse in AE?


                  Are you using a desktop setting like Harm mentioned or another sequence setting.

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                    CloudLung Level 1

                    Yes I did update... also Im not importing the red footage directly as I have already composited and worked with the red footage and rendered it out as tiff sequence.


                    Do you think its the fact that I am using tiff sequences that is the problem ?

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                      CloudLung Level 1

                      I dont have any reversed footage... all I need to do is import the sequences and then sync it to the audio (its a music video)

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                        Jim_Simon Level 9

                        Guess its final cut pro here I come.


                        It's rather amusing to me how many people believe that Macs and FCP are completely faultless.


                        I gotta hand it to the marketing team over there.  Seems they've really have put one over on a loooooot of people.

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                          CloudLung Level 1

                          Would not say that FCP is flawless but it is cacheing and I can preview my footage and helps me sync my footage....if I had a choice I'd use premier just cause I like the way it handles image sequences.....or should I say the way it used to handle image sequences. Im not bashing preiemer just wish there were solutions ...this bug looks like its been around for a year or more... Adobe say they know about it too.... How about fixing it?


                          As you know deadlines are tight and its hard to justify the time I have been spending on this issue.


                          Anyway thanks for all the comments guys its much appreciated  regardless.


                          Have a good weekend I hope.

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                            I'm editing at 720p at 24fps with frame sequences.


                            I can't get smooth playback unless I render all the clips either. Pressing Enter only renders effects, and not slow pieces of footage. (I've been off Premiere for a little while, I'm sure this wasn't the case in previous versions).


                            To fix it, try going to the Sequence menu and hitting "Render entire work area" ensuring you have the entire project as the work area first. You should render them out and go from yellow to green. It works for me...



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                              Kroycom Level 1

                              Compare your cache and media scratch locations between CS4 and CS3. Notice a difference?

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                                CloudLung Level 1

                                Just compared the Cs3 with Cs4 and it looks pretty much the same.... looks to me that cs4 is previewing and rendering the files out but its not hanging onto them and the bar never seems to stay green. The min its done previewing (rendering) its still seems unrendered even thought th epreview file are there.


                                I have tried deleting them all and recreating it but it still doesnt work.



                                Been reading other posts and it seems im not the only person having this issue.

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                                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                                  Quite often, Encore will suddenly revert my transcoded audio back to Untranscoded for no apparent reason.  I wonder if these two issues are connected.

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                                    CloudLung Level 1

                                    Sounds very similar actually ....Im kinda giving up now... need to move on. I really cant find a fix anywhere and its almost imposible to see if I have synced footage up unless I render it out everytime.

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                                      Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      CloudLung wrote:


                                        If I close the project and reopen the preview is gone.


                                      This sounds to me like the infamous unlabeled external disk problem!

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                                        Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                        I wonder if these two issues are connected.

                                        If they are connected, then it's a media cache database issue.  I recommend deleting (and not just cleaning) and then re-creating the media cache database.



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                                          I tried that already.... doesnt work at all.... it previews turns all green then the second its done it seems to go back to the way it was (all red).