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      Hey mates

      I am willing to use Macromedia Flash this year to make my physics project.

      Well, its going to be force resultant calculator.

      for ones dont know how it gets counted.


      Well, I'll make 4 input text boxes, and a button in the middle.

      1 text boxin the north, (power effect the body from the north) one on the south, one on the east and one on the west.

      (I've done that part).


      Then, ill need it to subtract the north - south and east - west on(release), and display that on a dynamic box called Fx (east - west) and another called FY (north - south)


      Finally, I'll need it fethagorth the Fx and FY to give me the final force resultant.


      I've done the 4 input boxes and a button, I'll still need someone gimme the action script for subtraction and fethagorth (or atleast teach me how to do it).


      Thanks alot.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you'll use the atangent of the results y and x forces:




          to get the resultant vector's rotation in radians.


          (and for others that check this thread, you're not likely to get an email or im response in a public forum.)

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