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    How to trim and export an AVCHD clip - Basic Question


      Hello.  This is my first post.  Hopefully an easy one.


      I have a sory SR10 or similar camcorder, and it saves HD video in AVCHD format.


      Say I copy a .mts file onto my hard disk, and then insert this file as a clip into the timeline in CS4.


      Let's assume the clip is 60 seconds long.


      If I trim the clip, down to 30 seconds.  How can I export the result into the original format.  i.e. avchd?


      Basically, I want to trim a 60 second AVCHD (.mts) file into a 30 second AVCHD file.


      If I export to h264, I am assuming I will get compression loss.


      Any assistance would be gracefully received.