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    Unstable Brush Sensitivity Flash CS4


      I have found in my experience with Flash CS4 and using a Wacom tablet or Cintiq that the brush sensitivity is unstable.

      Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

      As long as I open Flash and do not change the brush size, then the sensitivity stays just fine. If I change the brush size then sensitivity disappears and all I can draw is solid lines of a single width.


      I contacted Wacom and was on the phone for two hours. After trying every possible fix, we decided it was a Flash error, since Photoshop works. Other machines were tested, other tablets were swapped in and out, new pens were tried, they all had the same problem.


      I contacted Adobe and this was their response:

      "As I understand that you want to use Flash on Wacom and brushes lack pen
      sensitivity  . I understand this issue & i found that brushes lack
      pen sensitivity because it is not compatible with wacom tablet."


      This is news to me that Adobe decided to not support Wacom tablets with Flash. Is this for real?

      I responded saying that the response sounded wrong.


      I have read other threads regarding this issue but was unable to find a solution.




      At 4:30 I spoke again with Wacom and it has been discussed that I need to file a bug with Adobe. They also confirmed that Flash CS4 does support the pen and eraser functions, so Adobe support was wrong.

      My only hesitation for filing a bug is that for a program bug to exist, then wouldn't thousands of other people be experiencing the same issue?




      3 hours on the phone with Adobe and they are escalating the problem, so i have to wait to hear back. The current technical assistant was unable to replicate my issue.


      Am I the only one with this issue?

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          I'm using a Wacom Intuos 4 with Flash CS4 on a Mac running OS 10.5.8 and the pen works just fine. I don't have any odd settings. I can change the brush size and shape and it keeps on working correctly.

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            Nate400 Level 1

            Thank you Rob, it helps to hear that it does work for you.


            I am using a Wacom 15X Cintiq with Flash CS4 on a 64bitPC running Vista Ultimate.

            I have also tried my CintiqPartner tablet, and a little Intous tablet, I have tried 3 different pens, all with the same issue.


            I then installed FlashCS4 on my Windows XP 32 bit machine, a clean install, and I tried all my tablets and pens, and the same issue persisted.

            All other programs work fine on both machines with all the tablets and pens that I have.


            I also tried not using my Adobe disks and I downloaded the programs and reinstalled them.

            Same problem.


            I saw threads that disabled the HID driver from Wacom and I have tried this but it did nothing to resolve the issue.

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              Nate400 Level 1

              I forgot to mention that I did find a work around.


              If I open Flash with my pen, and draw on a new stage, it works.  Change the brush size and the pressure sensitivity is gone.

              But if I have the Wacom properties window already open and I click details under the tip feel and draw in the little "try here" window, and then return to Flash without closing the Wacom properties,  the sensitivity will return, UNTIL I change brush sizes. Then i have to go back to Wacom properties and do it all again. 

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                Nate400 Level 1

                ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------



                I got back in touch with Wacom about the work-around. Because the work-around does what it does, they mentioned something about WIN TAB (sp?) communication failing. What that means I am not sure.

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                  jendehaan Level 4

                  Hi Nate,


                  I'm afraid I'm not sure what wintab communication failing is referring to specifically. But I'm guessing it has to do with the wintab driver, and something about the driver not working consistently. The driver must be there in order for those controls to show up and work. It might be worth doing a complete reinstall of the wacom drivers and a full restart with everything plugged in?  I'm running Vista 64 and a couple mac systems with an Intuos 2, Intuos 3 and a Cintiq 15x (although that one on Mac) and they've all been completely stable with the brush tool (even when running OSs through VMware, although that's tricky to set up for sure!). That said, I've had to reinstall the drivers after installing Flash sometimes and do a full restart before things work as expected.


                  Not sure if any of that helps, although my hunch is that it's something with the drivers...



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                    Nate400 Level 1

                    I have removed and then reinstalled the drivers from he tablet, I even tried going back two driver versions to make sure. I have done that with reinstalling the program as well, still the issue persists.


                    At this point I know it must be something specific to my arrangement since there has not been much activity in response my issue, but it has still not been solved.


                    Hearing that you also have no problem with your pen sensitivity, especially with your set up, helps to let me know that this is not a widespread issue and that there is something specific in my set-up that hinders the ability of these drivers to communicate properly.


                    As with any issue I feel like there must be a solution out there.

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                      yann mallard

                      hello !


                      same problem with  WINDOWS XP 64 bits  and  CS4, using Flash  with an  INTUOS  PTK  4.


                      it works fine on a 32 bit windows version with a PTZ 3 Intuos...


                      here is a part of the crash log  >


                      <?xml version="1.0"?>
                      <!DOCTYPE AdobeCrashReport SYSTEM "AdobeCrashReporter.dtd">
                      <crashreport version="1.1" crVersion="" applicationName="Adobe Flash CS4" applicationVersion="10.0.0" build="">
                      <time year="2009" month="10" day="9" hour="11" minute="12" second="28"/>
                      <user guid="db0dffd7-20cf-4613-b673-c336010f09d7"/>
                      <system platform="windows" osversion="5.2.3790 SP 2.0" applicationlanguage="English (United States)" userlanguage="en_US" oslanguage="en_US" ram="8190" machine="Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5430  @ 2.66GHz" model="EM64T Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6" cpuCount="8" cpuFreq="2667 MHz" busFreq=""/>
                      <crash exception="EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" instruction="0x0a95dc2a">
                      <backtrace crashedThread="0">
                      <thread index="0">
                      <stackStatement index="0" address="0x0a95dc2a" symbolname="WacomDoSpecialContextHandling"/>
                      <stackStatement index="1" address="0x0a953415" symbolname="WacomDoSpecialContextHandling"/>
                      <stackStatement index="2" address="0x0a937a24" symbolname="Ordinal999"/>
                      <stackStatement index="3" address="0x0a952dec" symbolname="WacomDoSpecialContextHandling"/>
                      <stackStatement index="4" address="0x0a95251c" symbolname="WacomDoSpecialContextHandling"/>
                      <stackStatement index="5" address="0x0a957366" symbolname="WacomDoSpecialContextHandling"/>
                      <stackStatement index="6" address="0x0a94c73b" symbolname="WacomDoSpecialContextHandling"/>
                      <stackStatement index="7" address="0x0a94a314" symbolname="WTPacketsPeek"/>
                      <stackStatement index="8" address="0x0a8cadec" symbolname="Ordinal999"/>
                      <stackStatement index="9" address="0x0a8d3009" symbolname="Ordinal999"/>
                      <stackStatement index="10" address="0x0a8d17ee" symbolname="Ordinal999"/>
                      <stackStatement index="11" address="0x0a8d721b" symbolname="WTPacketsPeek"/>
                      <stackStatement index="12" address="0x00e23161" symbolname="unknown"/>

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                        yann mallard Level 1

                        and to precise the problem >


                        If i start to work first with Photoshop >   every thing is ok.


                        I can have a normal session of work


                        then I start Flash >    first >  flash crash !...    and   then   Photoshop  crash   invoquing the same  WACOM dll  problem !!!...





                        Log of the PHOTOSHOP CRASH...


                        AppName: photoshop.exe     AppVer:     ModName: wacom_tablet.dll
                        ModVer:     Offset: 00000000000391e7




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                          Nate400 Level 1

                          Sounds like a similar issue, still no resolve.

                          I did install an older version of Flash CS4 10.0 and the problem was gone for about 10 minutes and then it was back again.


                          Still no answer from Adobe.


                          Their latest attempt to help was to send me a link to this same thread. I told them that it was my thread asking for help, not an answer.

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                            yann mallard Level 1

                            that s bad...


                            the only software that is    ACTUALLY   working  with the wacom  is  after effect.


                            when i need to pick up some graphic element in  Illustrator  i  use the mouse  for  now...


                            just for testing purpose i am trying  premiere... and bridge... and the rest of the suite >



                            Premiere    is   ok.


                            bridge    is  ok...



                            sound booth   is  ok....

                            • 11. Re: Unstable Brush Sensitivity Flash CS4  >  SOLUTION FOR ME >
                              yann mallard Level 1

                              everything is working now !  yes!!!


                              here is what i need >


                              i un-installed the waccom driver ( was  WacomTablet_611-3.exe )

                              i un-installed the nvida driver ( was 191.07_desktop_winxp_64bit_english_whql.exe)



                              install this application >   TweakNow RegCleaner   for windows 64 bits XP


                              run and clean the registry, defragment it !


                              it found some wacom dll  problem, and solved them.




                              i put the  WacomTablet_610-6.exe    wich is  one version older than the  WacomTablet_611-3.exe


                              and installed    the 190.62_desktop_winxp_64bit_english_whql.exe     wich is   one version older than the  191.07_desktop_winxp_64bit_english_whql.exe


                              because of  "Too new driver superstition"  i choosed this solution, may be the latest could work... but enough testing for now ! i have to work ! )


                              and so far >>>  all the application   flash-photoshop-after effect-maya and illustrator  are happy together !!!


                              by the way my video card is  a  nvidia  GT 250.


                              the only thing missing is the OPEN accelleration in photoshop... apparently working only on vista ...


                              HOPE this could work for you also!





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                                Nate400 Level 1

                                I look forward to trying it out

                                I will post my results after I go through the steps

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                                  Nate400 Level 1

                                  Unfortunately this did not work for me.

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                                    Nate400 Level 1

                                    I have figured out a pattern to my problem though, and it really narrows down where the issue is occurring.


                                    I now realize I only loose sensitivity when I undock the stage from the application window. I often do this to leave all my tools and menus on my main monitor. Then i drag my stage to my Cintiq to draw. Having just the stage on my Cintiq maximizes my drawing area.


                                    I then use a partner tablet to bounce back and forth when needed.  I now realize that as long as the stage is docked, I have no problem.


                                    If I undock and change the brush size that is when sensitivity disappears.  If I re-dock the stage to the application window, my problem disappears, until I undock and change the brush size.


                                    Any ideas on why this is happening?  I really feel like this is close to an answer with this new info.

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                                      Vikas_Sharma Level 2

                                      Though I guess after going through so much efforts as above, this should not be a case but sometimes small things get missed. Is your Flash CS4 updated to the latest one available i.e. 10.0.2?

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                                        Nate400 Level 1

                                        Yes it is,


                                        I am thinking I will contact Wacom again to let them know about the issue ONLY occurring when the stage is un-docked from the  program window. Wacom has been much better to deal with.

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                                          BWolfe [ADOBE] Level 3

                                          I'm taking over this case.   However, all we can probably do (in support) is escalate to engineering and get them to work with Wacom to figure it out.  It is a bit odd though. Generally inside Flash Pro we write code to the 'wacom compatibility' API.. All tablets support that API.   So ultimately this might be a communication problem specific to this API.  Or maybe some odd bug with the new UI in Flash CS4.


                                          I sent you a note via the case notes.  That'll give you a bit more detail about what we're going to have to do to get this checked out.

                                          • 18. Re: Unstable Brush Sensitivity Flash CS4
                                            yann mallard Level 1






                                            i am just surprised ( in a very good way




                                            i am in contact with someone at wacom  to investigate this problem.


                                            i guess they are trying different simulations to re-create how the crash



                                            also they told me that they going to look if other people run into the

                                            same issue.


                                            wich apparently was not the case so far...


                                            thanks again very much to take in consideration this unfortunate situation.



                                            I just return to the INTUOS 3 PTZ 630 and the driver  JUST  before the

                                            last one in date at this day.








                                            PS >  let me know if you need more informations from my side.















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                                              yann mallard Level 1



                                              hello again...



                                              since you take an interest to my situation ....



                                              here is another unfortunate crash log


                                              this time not involving  the  wacom driver....




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                                                Nate400 Level 1

                                                Yann, Unfortunately this thread has nothing to do with Flash crashing.


                                                I am trying to discover why when I undock the stage from the main interface of Flash and paint with the brush and change brush sizes I lose brush sensitivity. Flash does not crash and the Wacom driver continues to function, it's just that the brush fails to recognize pressure.


                                                The program itself has not crashed on me and seems to be the most stable version of Flash I have worked on. I wish I had more information regarding your issue but I do not.

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                                                  yann mallard Level 1





                                                  i am sorry


                                                  i thought i received an email from Adobe about the problem i have.


                                                  sorry again,


                                                  i thought this adobe email was coming after several report i did on

                                                  there website.






                                                  well, good luck with your thing...



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                                                    Nate400 Level 1

                                                    This question is finally answered.


                                                    Adobe writes:


                                                    Tuesday, December 8, 2009 12:14:30 PM PST

                                                    engineerting was able to reproduce the issue thanks to your information.
                                                    It seems to be windows based only but a bug hs been logged with a fix
                                                    planned for a future version.


                                                    Unfortunately there is no workaround at the current time. I'd be happy
                                                    to address any further questions on the issue.



                                                    In the end it is a combination of my system windows vista64, with two monitors, undocking the stage from the main flash interface, putting the stage on my Cintiq, and keeping the Flash interface window on my primary monitor that causes the brush sensitivity to disappear when the brush size is changed.


                                                    It is a bug only for PC, only (as far as I know) when the above steps are taken.

                                                    Unfortunately this is how I like to work since my Cintiq is a 15X I want to maximize my work space.


                                                    It's a bug and I hope they get around to fixing it.


                                                    In the meantime the workaround is to have the wacom preferences window open and when you change brush sizes, just draw in the test area of the Wacom preferences window and it will reset sensitivity until you change brush sizes again.  It sucks to have to do everytime, but at least it works.

                                                    Or go get a bigger cintiq and keep the stage docked! I guess it's time to upgrade.