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      I am trying to create a business card that has 2 layers.  I want part of it to be transparent so regardless of the color of paper i print on, that color will show through.  I have most of it done but there is a star on the card and black banners going across the bottom and the top which are black.  Where the star goes though the top banner and where the words are in the black banners is where I am having trouble.  Can someone tell me what to do or take a look at it?



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          PrepressPro1 Level 4

          Well, I looked at the file and read your question. I still don't understand what the issue is you're having. You have the white elements printing in Trans White which is not really a color it is a carrier varnish for letting back or reducing the strength of a given ink. If you want to cover up the substrate in these areas you should be using Opaque White. Or are you trying to have the substrate show through these areas in all case. In which case you just set the color to 0% of any color used. I would however suggest you try to articulate the end result you are trying to archive. Because you start out saying you want a business card that has two layers?!? (your file has only one layer) Some people get confused using Illustrator, where things looking like they are filled with white when they are filled with 0% of anything, and will in application knock out to show the substrate being printed on. Is the yellow box supposed to represent the Substrate?

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            rstreet309 Level 1

            I know i did not do a very good job explaining what i wanted.  Basically, everything you see that is black is the way i want it to print.  The words "elect" and "sheriff" and the star is where i'm having trouble.  If i print this on yellow paper i want those to be yellow.  If i use green paper they would be green.  I was able to get the star to do that except for the top point that sticks into the black banner.  I was not able to change that.  I hope that makes a little sense...i'm obviously new to this program.  I really appreciate your time.

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              M.Jay.Victor Level 2

              You dont have to do a thing to do wht you want. "White" in illustrator (or any printing application i know of) is not like other colors. It should actualy be called "paper" because anywhere that is white, will not print anything.


              That is to say, your document will already print just as you want.

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                rstreet309 Level 1

                This may help explain it better.  In the attached file you can see how the words and the tip of the star does not show up.  I just added the yellow as a background to help show what i'm looking for the final project to look like.

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                  Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                  I am still with 10, so I am unable to open look.ai.


                  However, my conclusiong from your posts is that you wish the upper portions of the star and of the letters Elect and the lower portions iof the letters SHERIFF to be transparent.


                  You may, after saving the original artwork with live type:


                  1) Type>Create Outlines of the letters;

                  2) Select the upper black banner along with the star and the letters Elect;

                  3) Pathfinder>Divide;

                  4) Ungroup or DirectSelect all parts to be transparent and set the Fill to None at the bottom of the Toolbox;

                  5) Repeat 2) - 4) for the lower banner and the letters SHERIFF.

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                    rstreet309 Level 1

                    Create Outline is greyed out and i cant choose it...any ideas on what i'm doing wrong?

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                      Ozzwoman9 Level 4

                      Your text is already in outlines, so ignore that step.

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                        rstreet309 Level 1

                        Thanks for the help, i think i can accomplish what i need to do now.

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                          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                          Please report back, rstreet, so we know the outcome.