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    Merged HTML help project slave chms reverting to earlier versions umprompted

    Author care Level 2

      Hi Everyone,

      Recently I have been having problems with a mergred HTML help project.

      The project comprises a structure like so with say a date of 20th sept:


      Master. chm date say 20th Sept

      Slave1.chm 20th Sept

      Slave2.chm 20th Sept

      Slave3.chm 20th Sept

      Slave4.chm 20th Sept


      Then unprompted reverts to ..


      Master. chm 15th June

      Slave1.chm 15th June

      Slave2.chm 15th June

      Slave3.chm 15th June

      Slave4.chm 15th June


      So the output files reverted to an earlier version.


      The output files are sent to a build directory outside of all of the master and slave project file directories

      I observed that the master project contains baggage files the dates of which are identical to the reverted file dates.


      This leads me to believe that if some problem has rippled through my pc affecting the project it has recovered using the baggage files.


      I wonder if I'm  creating a merged HTML project in the wromg way?

      What are these baggage fiels for?

      What is the correct procedure for creating a merged HTML project file?


      I am using RH8

      Previously in RH6 I never saw this problem.

      In RH6 anmd RH8 this does not occur with web help..


      Any ideas anyone please....

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          Author care Level 2

          Further to my earlier points, the xpj file doesn't seem to have a new date despite having just saved it...

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            Amebr Level 4

            Robohelp seems to insist that the merged files are part of the master project which isn't actually required. They're just references that come into play if the file is found in the required spot.


            What we do is create the merge, then delete the actual files from the master project, and from source control if you use it. The files are still referenced in baggage as broken links.


            The merge will still work when you copy/generate/publish the files into the required directory.


            This has solved a couple of problems for us:

            * chm sometimes not updating

            * chms being compiled into the master chm and massively increasing the file size.


            One caveat: if you are using source control, you'll have to copy the chms back into the master project baggage location (usually the project root) and into source control if you need to remove them from the merge.


            Note: In another discussion the question was raised whether underscores in the filenames might cause this. However none of our help files have underscores or other characters in the filenames, only letters, so I don't think this is the issue. (I believe it's because the chms are incorrectly part of the RH project.)




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