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    MX version 6.0... is that MX 2004?

    smfox Level 1

      I'm searching for the update to Fireworks MX version 6.0. They have updaters available for MX 2004 (version7.0, version 7.0.1, version 7.0.2) and also Fireworks 4.0.2.


      I can not find any documentation stating that version 6.0 is applicable in either case. Does anyone have a suggestion other than purchasing the latest version?

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          pixlor Level 4

          Version 6.0 is the plain MX (I had that one).

          Version 7.0 is MX 2004 (see the title of this article: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/192/tn_19209.html).




          Later edit:

          Okay...this page appears to show all the available Fireworks updaters (probably the page you found):



          There's one for FW 4 and one for FW 7 (presumably updating from 7.0 to 7.0.2). There isn't one for 6.0. They aren't the same program, so I wouldn't think the 7.0 updater would apply. What isn't working for you?


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            smfox Level 1

            Thanks for responding. Yes, that was the only resource I could find.


            I'm not having any problems, per se. I had to reinstall the OS and now getting around to installing all the programs. I wanted to bring everything up to date.


            I actually have more experience with Photoshop, but wanted to try my hand at Fireworks. It came with the Studio MX suite, Education Version I acquired a while back (2003). Yikes, time flies! Looks like I may have to shell out some moo-la to update my software.

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              pixlor Level 4



              If you haven't used your Fireworks MX much, you might want to try it before you upgrade. I upgraded from that to CS3 and the basic functionality (which is pretty much what I stick to) is very similar between both versions. You could certainly learn the fundamentals of the program with the old version. If you just want to know how you would change the way you work, compared to Photoshop, then the older version would give you a pretty good idea of that, too.


              Plus, you get the old Alien Skin filters, which the Adobe versions don't have.