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    transparency problem


      My company is printing a large quantity of banners which I did in Illustrator.  The banner is mostly dark grey and has a drop shadow beneath our logo, which our printer is having nothing but troubles with it.  He says he can only print from pdf or eps files, so I've sent him one of each, and the proofs he keeps printing all appear with a maroon-ish box around the logo image.  He's as baffled as I am about this issue (he says he's not used to dealing with drop shadows...).  I've never run into this transparency problem with the other printers we've dealt with, and I'm not sure what I should be doing so that this printer can print the file correctly.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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          M.Jay.Victor Level 2

          Can you link the files here? Are you using spot colors? f the latter is true, try converting the spot to CMYK before you sendthe file.

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            PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

            You would be correct if you were to say this is the PRINTERS issue. The printer ether has outdated equipment and software to process the transparency in your file or doesn't have the technical prowess to handle the issue. You might consider going somewhere else for printing. Sounds like the printer is using an older RIP which can't handle transparency. Most printers have had the ability to handle this issue one way or another since Illustrator 9. (equipment and software upgrades or workarounds with older RIPs) Your best chance if you want to continue with this printer would be to send a PDF X-1a compliant PDF.

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              tipptat Level 1

              The colors are all CMYK.  I was trying to attach the file here but it keeps timing out (I shrank it down to well below 1MB, so, not sure what's going on there...).  The printer also just informed me he's using "Roland versa works rip software for large format printing".  I did send him an X1A earlier this morning so I'm hoping that works-I was just wondering if I was doing absolutely everything possible on my end.  Thanks!

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                Steve Fairbairn Level 5

                Try saving you artwork as EPS. No need for a preview but tell Illie to include placed images.

                Then use Distiller to make your pdf.

                Check Distiller options carefully so that everything is as you need it.

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