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    continue numbering after snippet - it always restarts.

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      RH8 HTML


      Hi all.


      I have several topics that are using the same 5 steps of a procedure, which I've put into a snippet, and then add several more numbered steps to the list which are specific to the topic.


      I want the added steps, that aren't part of the snippet to continue the numbering. right now I have the 5 numbered steps in the snippet, and the added steps specific to each topic restart at 1, rather than continuing from 6.



      1 Go to Search

      2 Enter your text

      3 Select your criteria

      4 Choose the .....

      5 Click Search.

      1 From the ... window click .....   -  This step is a continuation from the previous 5 but the numbering doesn't continue, instead it restarts.


      Is there a way to continue numbering from a snippet?