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    Flash Stuttering




      I've created a few flash sites that run fine when I view them on my iMac (Leopard) in Safari and Firefox, on my Windows XP computer running IE 6.x and on some friends' computers (running Mac Safari and Firefox), and they were running fine when I viewed them on my Parallels running Windows Vista from my iMac (though recently, I've noticed some audio stuttering and once or twice I've seen the video dropping frames - just on the Parallels running Vista, not on the Mac side - but this has been minimal), but my client says that the Flash files often stutter on his Windows Vista machine in IE and in Firefox. The Flash is fully loaded but still will stutter occasionally. Could this be a RAM issue, a processor speed issue (but my client has a new computer and says it happens on his home and work computers), a network/connection bandwidth issue? Is there something you can see that I should be doing to make these run better? For the FLV, I have the video set at 200 and audio set at 48. I've increased the buffering a couple of times, but he says that everything is fully loaded, but it still stutters.


      Here are the two sites that are stuttering:




      (with video:)



      Thanks for the help.