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    enabled/disabled canvases show wrong enabled/disabled color


      I have a small problem. I have a grid of 7 canvases (one for each day of a currently selected week) which hold 48 other canvases each (one for each half hour between 12AM and 11:30PM). during initialization they're created and if a day in the selected week is before today, all the 48 child canvases are set '.enabled = false;'. This works and when you click the button to view the display, it shows up right.


      Assuming it starts on the week where today exists, when I click the button to show the previous week it recalculates everything, determines which are enabled/disabled, and sets all the properties correctly (I verified this by setting a tooltip so I can easily see the relevant properties of each time canvas). However, on the display, it still shows the background color to be the same as it was before the selected week changed!


      Is there some event I have to handle or some specific property I have to set after I set .enabled = true or .enabled = false to make it show the correct bgcolor? I've tried all the invalidate/validate functions for each canvas, their parents, etc, and nothing works. I had to resort to removing all the children and re-adding completely new ones but that makes the whole thing go too slow, so I changed it back.