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    Capture of Video Freezing while Recording (CS3 & CS4)


      I was having this problem when I was running Premiere Pro CS3 and I'm still having it while I'm running CS4.


      I press F5 to bring up the capture window and I can clearly see the contents of my Xbox 360 being projected onto my screen in the little video (preview?) window. I press "Record" and it will begin recording my play. At any random point, however, the image will freeze, the time elapsed will stop, and the remaining disk space time clock will show 5000+ hours. After I press "Stop" it'll ask if I would like to save the file, like normal, and the image will begin moving again waiting to record the next clip. During the time between the image freezing and me pressing "stop", nothing is recorded.


      I use the Blackmagic Intensity capture card in my computer. I know that it works because of the partials that I get from this problem. And the times in which it happens is random. Sometimes it will record for 00:00:01:07 and other times it'll record for 00:02:03:29 and any time between that. The stuff it records is great so I would really like to fix this problem.


      What is going on and how might I be able to correct this problem? Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance!