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    Conditionalizing items in numbered lists


      Hi folks,


      I am using conditional build tags to document two different interfaces for the same product with RoboHelp, producing HTMLHelp. My problem is that each interface offers a different access point to the same Options dialog. Ideally, I'd like to use a numbered list that looks like this:


      1. (Conditional) Here's how to get to this dialog in Interface 1.

      1. (Conditional) Here's how to get to this dialog in Interface 2.

      2. Choose from these options.


      Is this possible? In the editor, the last item always auto-numbers to 3 (which makes sense, of course). Restarting the numbering produces inconsistent results. Complicating matters, sometimes both access points are available to the user, meaning that sometimes the list should look like this:


      1. (Visible only in Interface 2) Use the new way we added with Interface 2 OR

      2. (Visible in both Interface 1 and 2) Use the old way from Interface 1.

      3. Choose from these options.


      I am probably dreaming about an automated solution, but I'm listening for any possible workarounds.


      Mike McCallister