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    How do I run a simple script that loads an image into photoshop CS - CS4?




      I am at a loss on how to get my simple application to work. I have a small desktop air application that simply opens Photoshop and runs an action. I used switchboard and the application ran great on PC and MAC. However it only worked for CS3, and CS4 not CS or CS2?. Plus the size of switchboard was a bit large for my small app. I am willing to live with that though . I am using Air with Flex and wanted to know if perhaps there is a beter approach? All the application does is open photoshop, loads an image, and runs an action. Can I do this for all versions of Photoshop using switchboard? Can I do this without switchboard and just use javascript. The big issue is the Air app needs to open Photoshop, and most of the examples have me open PS first and then execute a script located in the PS directory. This needs to work outside of the PS directory. Any examples are appreciated.


      I have looked at the following:


      - SwitchBoard : only works for CS3-CS4 (on my tests)

      - PatchPanel: same issue, plus seperate SDKs

      - ExtendScript: requires script to be run from PS not Air