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    PE8 GPU Playback

    ruzun Level 1

      Does Premiere Elements 8 support using the GPU to accelerate playback of AVCHD format video clips?  That's one thing I notice about 7, you need a REALLY fast CPU to edit avchd, perhaps with 8 things are a little better in that regard.


      Does 8 allow the gpu to accelerate more than just timeline playback, compared to 7? I guess my question is if you have a newer NVIDIA GPU will 8 offer better performance in some key areas compared to 7.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Performance with AVCHD is no faster with version 8 than with version 7, Roger. It still takes a quad core processor and lots of RAM to work with it. Sorry.

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            ruzun Level 1

            Oh well I was hoping.  What is the GPU playback checkbox for then?  I would assume it would use the NVIDIA CUDA or similar interface to speed up playback via GPU rather than CPU.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Did you see the AdobeTech Note on playback issues in Adobe Premiere Elements 8



              The reason that is seems to give for the that "Enable GPU Playback" is:

              "Adobe Premiere Elements 8 is designed to take advantage of display cards with accelerated GPUs. If you are having playback issues, make sure you use the correct GPU playback mode that corresponds with your display card.

              Enable GPU Playback: The setting if you have a GPU-accelerated display card.

              Disable GPU Playback: The setting offers the lowest performance but is appropriate for display cards that do not fully support Direct 3D."



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                ruzun Level 1

                I just now realized you can render segments of video within the timeline for smoother playback on slower systems.  I will try this on my notebook, which is the one that has problems with AVCHD Files.  My desktop now seems to playback even AVCHD files smoothly without rendering.


                When you save the project does it save the rendered status of the segments within it?


                I can't believe I missed this option for all these years, I guess my PC's have generally been fast enough to display the segments unrendered, but this is a great feature for larger projects or slower PCs.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  When you save the project does it save the rendered status of the segments within it?


                  Yes, so long as you do not delete the Render files. If you move them, PrE will ask you to help it locate them.


                  Now, in PrE, the Render files are for playback only. In PrPro CS4, under some Export circumstances, the program can use those to speed up Export - remember some circumstances only.


                  Good luck,



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                    Ozpeter Level 1

                    I thought I'd already posted in this thread that here at least, PE8 GPU playback seems to make no difference on or off with AVCHD footage.  It's certainly nothing to do with CUDA.


                    I had a look at the format of the files that PE8 creates when you render a section of the 1080i AVCHD timeline and they seem to be 1440 x 1080 progressive mpeg2, at a high bitrate, which in theory at least would have less resolution than original full high definition AVCHD clips, so hopefully on final render to full HD, the original material would be used rather than the pre-rendered files.  But if rendering to SD DVD, I doubt whether using the pre-rendered files would cause any quality issues.


                    Converting externally to full high definition MPEG-2 format then using the ACVHD 1080i preset can be more efficient than using native AVCHD on the timeline and rendering it there.  The AVCHD timeline treats MPEG-2 as material not needing to be pre-rendered, unlike AVCHD material.  Another oddity of the PE presets system.  The external converter I use creates the MPEG-2 files in 2'51" while  PE8 takes 5'50" to pre-render the AVCHD originals (the files themselves being about 3'14" in length) and if anything it looks like the externally converted files look better on the timeline (marginally).

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                      I render files because I work in m2ts HD files and once rendered I can preview much easier but I have the problem I can spend 3 hour rendering a 40 min movie save my project without changing anything and when I open it about 3/4 of it needs rendered again does anyone know why

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                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        http://forums.adobe.com/thread/556055?tstart=0 says that nVidia will someday be supported


                        No firm announcement from Adobe as to WHEN (P-Pro CS5 or ???)


                        Also nothing said about P-Elements