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    OS problem or AE problem?

    Navarro Parker Level 3

      Ran into a little glitch this morning. A friend of mine brought me a hard drive with an AE collected project on it. He didn't have any spare drives, so he copied it onto his Time Machine drive. Well, I have Time Machine too. So I had two drives on my machine called "Time Machine". When AE opened the project, I got loads of "file not found" errors for each imported item. Kinda scared me. And I couldn't figure out why. But when I unplugged my Time Machine drive, AE was able to find all the files just fine.


      So should I file this as a bug report with Apple or Adobe? AE is looking at just the drive name and not a more unique identifier. Shouldn't it start looking for comp elements using a volume identifier like dev/disk1 instead of Volumes/drivename? If I open a project on one drive, wouldn't AE think to look for media in the same drive/directory?