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    Sorting an array of structures in CF 7


      Hi !

      I populated an array of structures from an invoked method- query loop:

      (ind is increased in a loop)















      <CFSET TD[ind] = StructNew()>



      <cfset TD[ind].V1 = "#qryTermst.v1#">






      <cfset TD[ind].V2 = "#qryTermst.v2#">



      <cfset TD[ind].V3 = "#qryTermst.v3#">

      <cfset TD[ind].D = "#DateFormat(qryTermst.date, 'M/D/YYYY')#">



      <cfset TD[ind].V5 = "#qryTermst.v5#">


      It looks fine and contains correct data.


      After the array is populated- later - I need to display it in descending order of D (dates) and in ascending order of V1.

      I tried to use the StructSort function, but did not get results in CF 7- strange errors...


      Any help will be appreciated !


      Regards !