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    Installing PE8 and uninstalling PE7

    ruzun Level 1

      I have a PC running Vista-64 bit and PE7.  Everything works fine, and I'm planning on installing PE8 as soon as I get it.  I want to install PE8, then use it a while, then if I am comfortable with it, un-install PE7.


      My question is, will installing 8, waiting a while, then UNINSTALLING 7 cause me problems?  Will un-installing PE7 after PE8 is already installed potentially cause me to lose some files PE8 needs?



      I see an entry in my uninstall folder for Photoshop elements 7.0, Premiere elements 7.0 and Premiere elements templates 7.0.  If I install PE8 then un-install all the pe7 stuff at a later date, will it somehow remove some files PE8 might need, like templates or anything?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There should be no issue. Adobe is usually very good about this. One exception was PrPro CS3 being uninstalled after an installation of CS4. The uninstall operation DID take some things from CS4. Again, that was one exception, and about the only one I can recall in almost 20 years of using Adobe products.


          Going back some time, I had PS 3, PS 4, PS 5 and PS 7 on the same machine, for some rather involved reasons. I uninstalled PS 3, and PS 5, with no problem on PS 7.


          I believe that ATR has PrE 7, and has installed PrE 8 (maybe the trial?), so he'd be a great resource to tap.


          I just think that PrE 7 could later safely be removed, with no effect on PrE 8.


          One thing that I would do, before uninstalling PrE 7 would be to check all of the Functional Content in PrE 7 against those items in PrE 8. Copy over any Templates, etc. that might have been omitted from PrE 8, if there are any. Back in PrPro 2.0 to CS3, there were omissions. There were also a few between CS3 and CS4. People with all versions, just made copies of the omitted Content, and placed these in the proper locations for CS4. Those who just had CS4 were without.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            As Hunt says, the content for versions 7 and 8 are in completely separate folders, so uninstalling one should not affect the content of the other.


            In the unlikely event that something does go silly (like that a shared registry entry gets removed) fixing it as usually as simple as doing a repair/install. You just put the Premiere Elements installation disk in without uninstalling, began an installation and look for the repair option.

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              I've got both PE7 and PE8 on my PC. The reason being is that I had to re-install PE7, since PE8 refuses to load up past "loading PlayerMediaCore.prm" on the splash screen. The Organiser and PS8 will load and can be used, just that PE8 is playing up!

              Looks like I'm stuck with good 'ole PE7 for a while yet...

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                That is an excellent plan, having Premiere Elements 7 remain on the computer in which you will be installing Premiere Elements 8. When you install Premiere Elements 8, it will recognize the presence of Premiere Elements 7 and tell you that you do not have to uninstall it, but just do not use Premiere Elements 7 and 8 at the same time. Resist any messages about converting the Organizer/catalog until you are confident that you want to begin using Premiere Elements 8 on a more permanent basis.


                On my Windows XP SP3, I have installed Premiere Elements 2, 4, 7, and 8 at this time. And, all goes well if I use one of these at a time. Each program has its essential files in its own folders. Each will have its own named Adobe Folder in the default location in My Documents. Those folders will not uninstall if you decide to uninstall any of these programs. The versions will also have folders on the C:\ hard drive in Program Files as well as in Documents & Applications. The Program Files will uninstall for the version that you are uninstalling.

                If you have project prel files for either program, you do need to be careful not to create serious reconnect problems between the source media that went into the project .prel and the closed saved project .prel. If any chance that you might move the source media, then archive the project prel with the Premiere Elements Archiver (File Menu/Project Archiver/Archiver or Copy option). Then you can save the "Trimmed" Folder or "Copies Folder" to an external hard drive or even a DVD disc for storage.


                As I recall, you can edit a project .prel from an earlier version in Premiere Elements 8, but, once you have edited there, I do not believe that you can go back and edit that project .prel in the earlier version from which it came. I believe I saw that in one of the AdobeTech Notes or ReadMe files. Assume that the case for now, but I will recheck.


                Backup as well as backups to the backups is encouraged for all work of value. So, think about whether you want that safety net that I would not expect you would need.


                I will be watching for your progress.



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  What is going on with Premiere Elements 8 and the loading of "Player MediaCore.prm"?


                  I understand that the program stops loading from "New Project" at that point and will not let you continue to the workspace.


                  Are you working from the tryout of Premiere Elements 8 or a registered, purchased copy?


                  If it is a registered and purchased copy, Adobe has had a free technical service policy for installation issues related to registered, purchased, and current version Premiere Elements versions. I would encourage you to take advantage of that opportunity if the situation is appropriate.


                  I have not run into the issue that you describe, but will be on the watch for it and a possible fix for you.


                  Please up date us on your progress.


                  By the way, what players do you have installed on the computer in which you have installed Premiere Elements 8. Do you have the latest version of Quicktime installed in the computer with the Premiere Elements 8?


                  Have you reviewed the AdobeTech Note: "Troubleshoot Premiere Elements 8 installation problems (Windows)"?





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                    Robind-r Level 1

                    I have indeed got a registered copy of PE8.

                    Ihave updated the Quicktime app as well as checked on the Nvidia drivers and they are fine.

                    I've contacted Adobe Support and will await their comments (and hopefully a solution)

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      As I said above, Robin. This is usually fixed with a repair/install.

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Are there certain cases where "repair" works? I have never gotten it to work for resolving any Premiere Elements problems. For me, when it came down to it, it was uninstall/reinstall.



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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          It usually works when a component has been uninstalled (as when you removed a program with shared registry entries) or has suffered a minor corruption.


                          So it's worth trying. And when it doesn't, an uninstall/reinstall usually does.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            While I have never had to use Repair Install with PrE, I have used it with several other Adobe programs, most recently the full CS2 Production Studio.


                            It surveys one's installation and repairs, installs or corrects things like missing files, corrupted files or outdated versions of files. For me, it has worked perfectly.


                            In the above cited case, installation of PrE 4 corrupted almost every program in the previously installed and functioning CS2 Production Studio. Adobe had become aware of this, and had a KB Article on this problem. In my case, a Repari Install corrected all problems with every program in the CS2 Production Studio: Bridge, PS, AI, PrPro, Encore and Acrobat. One Repair Install, and all was well again.


                            Good luck,



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                              seb.D Adobe Employee

                              Hi ruzun,


                              Its always good practice to uninstall the previous version before installing the newest version of any software on your system. I know its simple advice but keeping it simple has always helped me. Even though having both Premiere Elements 8 and 7 on the same system may not "technically" cause a problem for you, its more of a risk to keep both running and then remove the older one of the two. There may be others in this forum that can say they have not run into a problem but one persons success my be another persons failure because not all systems are equal.


                              Keep in mind a few things...... when the latest version of our software is tested its tested on its own with the supported OS's. Our QA process is designed to find bugs documented in the beta testing period so we can finish the product and ship it. Premiere Elements 8 would have gone through the QA process without having Premiere Elements 7 on the same system. Yes......they can probably coexist on the same system but the moment you remove Premiere Elements 7 after putting on Premiere Elements 8 there is a chance that it can remove something which it may not be aware of that can cause a conflict for Premiere Elements 8.


                              Think about it for a second.... how can the uninstaller for Premiere Elements 7, built a few years ago, know which files should not be removed that Premiere Elements 8 would interact with? All uninstallers work the same way. Thats why I never keep the older versions of any software on my systems ever. If you go that route then run the Premiere Elements 8 installer and repair the installation after you do it just to play it safe.


                              I hope this helps?



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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                From the language in your suggestions for ruzun, it sounds like you are part of the Adobe design or QA teams for the Premiere Elements product line.

                                It is late so I will not elaborate on this now, but I respectfully disagree with your conclusions and decisions with regard to removal of an earlier version before you are confident about the new version. I have been down this road for several of the last versions and what works for me is not "burning my bridges behind me", especially if that was a working "bridge".


                                However, if you have insider information and know that Premiere Elements 8 brings with it new baggage with regard to uninstall sequences, then that is another story.


                                To be continued later, if necessary.



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                                  seb.D Adobe Employee

                                  Hi ATR,

                                  I do work for Adobe but not on the QA teams or Design teams.

                                  My suggestion was based on personal experience about how I approach multiple versions of software on the same computer.

                                  I have been in the exact same place as ruzun before and wanted to offer my personal experience on his question.


                                  You seem to have a good handle on multiple versions on your system and thats great for you. My point of view is the exact opposite, I always remove the older version before putting on the newer one to avoid the exact problem he is worried about.


                                  But I do wonder what would happen to your system if you did uninstall an older version?


                                  What insider information could possibly exist on uninstalling software? The uninstaller removes files it installed. Nothing secret about that as far as I know.


                                  Either way..... ruzun now has 2 points of view on his question and I hope it helps!







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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                    I am also just a user of Adobe products, with no inside info. All of observations are purely anecdotal, but they come from decades of using Adobe programs, some from before they were actually Adobe products.


                                    Over this time, with many versions of the major Adobe stable, I have only encountered one install/uninstall problem, and have only read on one other.


                                    The first, the personal one, was the installation of PrE 4, after I had the full CS2 Production Studio suite installed on the same machine. In that case, the installation of PrE 4 killed all programs in the Production Studio, PS, AI, Acrobat Pro, AE, Bridge and Encore. This was a known issue to Adobe. When I became aware of the issue, a search turned up the appropriate Adobe KB Article. It instructed the user to just do a Repair Install of the programs in the Production Studio suite. Obviously, Adobe had not anticipated that one might have the Production Studio (probably the same for stand-alone versions in that suite, but I cannot verify that), and then subsequently install the lower-level program, PrE 4. Enough had encountered this situation, as Adobe had that KB Article, so twenty minutes of Repair Install, and all was working again. Quick and smooth, but would have scared me, had I not had that KB Article.


                                    The next was with PrPro CS3 and CS4. In that case, if a user had CS3, and subsequently installed CS4, only to later remove CS3, files necessary for CS4 would be uninstalled too. Again, Adobe became aware of this behavior and issued a KB Article on this issue. Again, a Repair Install of CS4 took care of the missing files. I did not encounter this problem personally, so can only add it from Adobe’s instructions in that KB Article, and from second-hand reports of others.


                                    Over the decades, I have had up to four versions of PS on one machine. One version was to do one particular job for one particular client. With PS 5 Adobe changed some things with Spot Color, and how it was handled. This client had a client and a printer, that needed things done in the way that PS 4 did Spot Color. There is still probably an article on the Internet on how I handled this issue. I had PS 5, because I had not gotten around to removing it. I had PS 6 installed, as that was then the version that I was most familiar with, and PS 7, as it was the newest version, and I was still learning its interface changes. I always kept the previous version of PS on my machines, for those times that a client would need something immediately. Though I’d be learning the newer version and becoming familiar with its changes, if I was under the pressure of a looming deadline, I wanted my "old friend," that I knew intimately and could use quickly without even thinking.


                                    In short time, I had removed PS 5 and PS 6, and only had PS 4 and PS 7 functioning. No issues. However, I would be remiss if I did not point out that these were all older Adobe programs, and were before things like Activation. Programs were far more simple in those days.


                                    Similar happened with PageMaker 4.5 and PM 6. I kept the older version, as I had many Projects in it, and knew it. I had the newer version to learn, and explore the added power. Same for Illustrator. Once I had 3 versions of AI installed, until I became comfortable enough with the newer, to uninstall the older ones. Same for all of the Macromedia (now Adobe) programs. Though outside the Adobe camp, it was the same for what is now Corel Painter. I had 3 versions installed, as I needed the way that version 3 did things, appreciated things in version 4 and knew it, and was learning version 5, but was not yet comfortable enough with it to rely on it for rush jobs. Finally, version 4 came off of the machine, and I replaced version 5 with 6, but still kept the older version 3, because of the way it handled certain things, and as there was a change in the way that Brushes were handled, I needed some of my Brushes that would only work in the now much older version 3. No issues with having multiple versions, and then uninstalling those, when the time came.


                                    Now, looking at Adobe’s NLE programs, there is another compelling reason to retain an older version. Let’s take PrPro 2.0 as an example. The .PRPROJ files from version 2 will Open in PrPro CS3, but with a conversion. PrPro CS3 Project files will NOT Open in PrPro 2. Same for PrPro CS4. Adobe is good at offering forward compatibility, though it is not perfect. There is almost never ANY backward compatibility. If one has Projects in an earlier version, they MIGHT Open in the later version, but prevailing wisdom is to finish all Projects in the version, in which they were started. That is foolproof, where forward compatibility with Projects can work, and should work, there are never any guarantees.


                                    With regards to this forward compatibility, I have Opened Projects done in Pr 6.5 (Mac) in CS2 (PC), with no issues. I have Opened Pr 6.5 (PC) in CS3 (PC) to allow Mac users to Open these on their Mac’s. Since CS2 was a PC-only version, Mac users were hosed, with earlier PC version Projects. They HAD to be Opened in CS3 (PC), and Saved from CS3, to allow a Mac to Open these. Kind of an odd workflow, but necessary when a Mac user encountered these older PC Projects, and I was able to help many get these onto their Mac’s.


                                    PrE is very similar to PrPro, and I still recommend that one finish a Project started in an older version, and not try to utilize the forward compatibility, though it usually works fine. Keeping those Projects in their native version is failsafe - they always work. Often, this does require having multiple versions of PrE installed.


                                    Since we are talking of PrE 8 and PrE 7, I will freely admit that I have no direct experience with either, so I do not know how well PrE 8 handles PrE 7 Projects. Based on general experiences, they should Open fine, and I’d guess that one could NOT go backward from that point on.


                                    I also have no experience with uninstalling an older version of PrE, after a newer one has been installed. Still, with my experience with Adobe products, it would seem very likely that one would have no issues. If they did, the Repair Install of the remaining newer version should do fine.


                                    Anecdotal yes, but based on decades of working with Adobe products.


                                    Regardless, we greatly appreciate your observations, and welcome you to this forum. We are not accustomed to having Adobe Employees here, and feel very fortunate that you took your time to enter into this conversation, regardless of from which department you come. Thank you for your comments.


                                    Welcome and thank you,



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                                      seb.D Adobe Employee

                                      Hi Hunt,


                                      Love the handle by the way!


                                      Thanks for the welcome and I hope I can contribute in the near future again!

                                      By the way I have a very long way to go before I come anywhere near your astonishing number of post.

                                      Our users are forever in your debt.




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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9
                                        Thanks for the welcome and I hope I can contribute in the near future again!


                                        You are most welcome. That is the nature of this forum. We're all in this together, and getting the Projects out the door, or onto Aunt Marge's set-top player is what we're all about.


                                        As to contributions, I am certain that you will. We are always glad to have any Adobe presence, beyond that red A logo, at the top of the page. My hope is that you will not be bombareded with Adobe-specific posts. It's happened all too often in other fora. I feel very bad for the various Adobe-folk, who showed up to help, only to get hit with everyone's personal problems. Regardless of your department, or area of focus, we're honored to have you here, and we all hope that you'll enjoy yourself.


                                        Personally, I promise to not pester you about PrE 9... !




                                        Much of the material on this forum is from personal experience, or from general NLE knowledge. Seldom is someone "wrong," and most often people are "correct." Still, it's often based on personal experiences with a piece of software, or with certain Assets - or from reading a dozen different fora, in search of the "truth."


                                        If you have the time, and the inclination, you might want to do an introductory post. Over on the PrPro forum, Dennis did similar. He's focused on getting Adobe products into the entertainment industry, but know his PrPro, AE, Encore and others. We are greatful for his presence in that forum, and he's answered many questions, based on his application expertise. To date, he's still showing up, has not been battered, or bruised, and his time is greatly appreciated.


                                        We are also fortunate to have Chris Cox contribute to the PS forum. He adds a wonderful dimension, as one of the developers, to those discussions.


                                        Please feel free to join into any thread, and share your experiences and knowledge.


                                        Again, welcome!




                                        BTW - should you get too many major head wounds, by your "Adobe" presence here, I can get you treatment at the Barrow Neurological Institute. I can probably get you flown to Phoenix for treatment. Wife is the regional president over the Barrow, plus three world-class hospitals - one is the leading Level 1 Trauma center in the entire SW. Hope that you do not need treatment, but it's just an e-mail away...