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    PE8 and PE7 plugins

    ruzun Level 1

      I have a plugin called Mercalli I use with PE7, it's a video stabilizer plugin.  Does anyone know if PE7 plugins are compatible with PE8?  Will PE8 just automatically see the Mercalli Plugin, or do I have to do something to get PE8 to see PE7 plugins?  Looking at my plugin loading log I see the following lines indicating PE7 is loading this plugin from the registry, would PE8 pick up the same registry information and load a PE7 third party plugin?


      ----------------------------------From log file for PE7


      Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0\Plug-ins\Common\prodad-mercalli.prm
      Loading from the registry...
      The plugin has a PiPL.
      The plugin was successfully loaded from the registry.


      Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0\Plug-ins\Common\prodad-VideoShaker.prm
      Loading from the registry...
      The plugin has a PiPL.
      The plugin was successfully loaded from the registry.


      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The chances are good that your plug-in WILL work fine in PrE 8. I would go to the ProDAD site, and verify this though. Some new versions of PrE and PrPro do change things. Most often, the older versions' plug-ins do work - but there are exceptions.


          In the meantime, maybe someone with both Mercalli and PrE 8 can verify. I hope that I am correct.


          Good luck,



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            ruzun Level 1

            For those plugins that worked in the past, when you install the new Elements (PE8) does it just automatically know to get the same plugins as the old version got (pE7) or do I have to reinstall the 3rd party plugin AFTER I install PE8.


            Also if at some later date I uninstall PE7 will I delete the 3rd party plugin as well?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I've only had one version of PrE, 4. I also have few plug-ins for it.


              Now, with the SmartSound for Premiere plug-in, I already had it for PrPro, and PrE 4 picked right up on it. With PrE 7, it was included in the installation, so that one was moot.


              With many other Adobe programs, I have to say that it varies on the plug-in. For many in my PS, I just copied over the .8BF files to the proper folder in the newer version of PS. Still, there were some that required complete install. It just depended on the plug-in.


              Back with Pinnacle Studio, I had tons of additional Effects and Transitions for Studio 5, or 6. For each new version, I had to "unlock" those with my purchased keys, so that they would function in the newer version, up through Studio 10. I do have to say that Pinnacle did things differently, as all of the content IS installed with the program. It, however, must be unlocked to use. This is not the same as what you have with ProDAD.


              One thing that I will say is that with Heroglyph, Vitascene and Adorage, all programs installed their plug-ins into both PrE 4 and PrPro. I would assume that these are called from the Registry, but it could be that, behind the scenes, ProDAD just did an installation into both programs. There were no extra screens, and I did not have to navigate to both programs, even though my installation of both was not the normal default.


              Unfortunately, the answer may well be, it depends.


              Good luck and please update the thread, when you get the definitive answer.



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                Frits Egelie

                look at this url:


                copy and paste this URL into your browser:
                http://www.photoshop.com/index.html?user=een_hele_lange_naam&galleryid=b813f1591bda4f49839 62500e018c743&wf=share&trackingid=BTAGC


                it is a long url name; but take care of it.


                you can see How Mercalli act on PRE 8.0.


                Or is it PRE 8.0 wich act strange!


                Frits Egelie



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                  ruzun Level 1

                  Will Mercalli be updated to work with Premiere Elements 8?  Looks like the

                  border shifts a lot in the example you sent me.


                  When will I be able to use Mercalli with Premiere Elements 8?


                  -Roger Uzun

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    When will I be able to use Mercalli with Premiere Elements 8?


                    I am afraid that yours is a question for ProDAD. No one here can possibly know. I'd contact ProDAD's Customer Support and pose that question. Much might depend on when Adobe can get them an SDK for PrE 8.


                    Good luck,



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                      Frits Egelie Level 1

                      Roger Uzun,


                      i am, like you end user.

                      you can use Mercalli on a normal way in PRE 8.

                      But i discovered the strange behaviour when  I export to photoshop.com from

                      inside PRE 8.0.

                      Also i do not find Mercalli works very nice.

                      I did lots of experiments with Mercalli and compaired it with Steady Hand

                      Steady Hand works only in the pal or ntsc format and works very well. ( i

                      use Steady Hand for years now)

                      Better then Mercalli.

                      But i can't use Steady Hand for m2tss files.



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                        Frits Egelie Level 1



                        i have contacted a dutch person named on the  site of prodad.

                        He would submit my problens on PRODAD.

                        But that contact is now from 28 august upwards.

                        It looks he did nothing for me till now.


                        I do wait a week, and when he does not respond , i do contacting PRODAD


                        That  contact is on vacation now for 14 days.



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                          ruzun Level 1


                          How did you get Mercalli to work with PE8?  Did PE8 just automatically detect Mercalli and present it to you , or did you have to copy the .dll file from the Premiere 7.0 folder over to the Premiere 8.0 folder, or did you have to edit the registry to get PE8 to see Mercalli?


                          If I have PE7 and mercalli already running on my PC, and I then install PE8, do you know how I get PE8 to see mercalli?



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                            Frits Egelie Level 1

                            Roger, you can get the tria lversion here:

                            Scrol down and you see it.



                            Myself i use ISR . it is a sort of multi boot system.

                            So each product PRe 7.0 and PRE 8.0 , i have installed on different SAME

                            operating systems. all Win Xp home sp3

                            You can install mercalli on the normall way,





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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              I do not have an answer from the Mercalli company, but I do have these suggestions for you to think about.


                              These Premiere Elements are standalone programs. I have never found that installing a plugin in one version enabled the plugin in another version. I had to install the plugin in the correct folder in the specific version. One example is the Adobe Camera Raw Plugin. That needs to be installed in every version that you want to use it in.


                              Premiere Elements 7 as well as 8 has a Video Stabilizer from New Blue. This plugin can be found in Program Files\Adobe\Premiere Elements\8.0\Plug-ins\en_US\New Blue. The New Blue Stabilizer has a file extension of .aex, not .prm. But in that New Blue folder also are New Blue plug-ins with the file extension of .prm.


                              I would imagine that your Mercalli .prm file is installed in a folder found via the Program Files\Adobe\Premiere Elements\7.0\Plug-ins\en_US\. Have you found it there? If so, why not make a copy and put it in the corresponding place (the en_US folder) in Premiere Elements 8 and see if the Mercalli plug-in is recognized. From what you have written,  look for a Mercalli folder with a file with a file extension of .prm, not .dll, maybe .aex if no .prm.


                              The first step would be to get the plug-in file installed in the approxpriate folder and then see if it will work in the version of choice. I do not think it realistic to believe that installing Mercalli in one version enables it to function beyond the program in which it is installed.


                              If you give it a try, please let me know the outcome.



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                                the_wine_snob Level 9



                                There are a few exceptions, but I agree with your method. That is basically what I do, when I get a new version of PS. Most just work fine, when copied over, some require the full installation, and some do not work in new versions - a bit of a crapshoot.


                                Now, PrPro does go out and look for AfterEffects Effects and plug-ins. Same for VST's for Audio.


                                I would highly doubt that PrE 8 would go searching for many plug-ins, if at all.


                                It would be worth a shot. If if does work, great. If not, then an update from ProDAD should take care of it.


                                Good luck,



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                                  ruzun Level 1

                                  In the folder - Files\Adobe\Premiere Elements\7.0\Plug-ins\Common there is a file called prodad-mercalli.prm.


                                  So once I have installed PE8, i should copy Files\Adobe\Premiere Elements\7.0\Plug-ins\Common\prodad-mercalli.prm to


                                  Files\Adobe\Premiere Elements\8.0\Plug-ins\Common\





                                  That is all PE8 usually needs to know in order to load a plugin, no registry entry required?  If it sees a compatible .prm file in the Plug-ins\Common directory it would just load it automatically?



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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    Based on the location of Adobe's New Blue Video Stabilizer .prm, I would have thought that you would have found the Mercalli in the en_US Folder rather than in the Common Folder in the Plug-in Folder.


                                    But, if that is where it installed in Premiere Elements 7, I would copy that Mercalli .prm to the Desktop. With Premiere Elements 8 installed, navigate to the Premiere Elements 8 program files and paste the Mercalli.prm in the Common Folder in Plug-in Folder as detailed previously. Then close out of there. Restart the computer and hopefully your computer will automatically be set for its use when you open Premiere Elements 8.


                                    If this does not work, try removing the Mercalli.prm from the Common Folder and paste it in the en_US folder. Restart the computer and see if that works.


                                    A word of caution. To avoid confusion, make sure Premiere Elements 8 is working OK before you go into the program files to make this addition.


                                    I will be watching for your progress. Do not go near the Registry!!!



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                                      Frits Egelie Level 1



                                      i know what i an doing!


                                      i told it before, i use "First Defence -ISR"

                                      It is  a special multi boot system.

                                      I can have 10 operating systems on my computer.

                                      Each OS is completely separately, and can not harm each other.

                                      So i have one naked OS on that computer and i use that as basic.

                                      I copy this naked OS and inst\all PRE 7.0 on it with all other prgrs i like.

                                      Then i copy again the naked basic. I do that with First defence -ISR.

                                      On that copy i install test prgrs lile PRE 8.0 trial and other prgrs.

                                      After that i make a empty OS.

                                      I boot to the empty OS and install Vista premium . etc etc.


                                      I can have 10 operatring systems.


                                      On each , where PRE 7.0 or PRE 8.0 resides , i can install Mercalli on the

                                      normal way.

                                      All you suggsetions , i could do also,.

                                      But why should i do that difficult way, when i can do it easy ????