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    Tutorial announcement: add a Realtime Calculator to your Dynamic List

    Günter Schenk Level 4

      Hi folks,


      well, I simply couldn´t resist to write another ADDT tutorial about my most recent find, and this time it´s about the realization of an interesting task which might attract more than just a handful of you guys:


      Did you ever wonder if it´s possible to add a Realtime (Sales or whatever else) Calculator to your Dynamic List and have it work seamlessly with the List´s advanced features such as Filtering, Sorting and Pagination ??


      If yes, please come to see my new tutorial Dynamic Lists: Add some Math and watch (the introduction contains a Flash presentation made with Adobe Captivate 4) what I did and how it works.





      P.S. right now this tutorial will just give you the introduction page incl. the presentation; this means that I´ll be adding the "real" tutorial at a later time.