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    Screen Capture

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      I'm working on a CS3 Production Premium project andf import to import some models from Google Sketchup via a screen capture.  Can anyone recoomend the best tools to use for this task?

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          A really good screen capture program, if you're looking for one, is Camtasia Studio 6, by Techsmith. You can download their trial at http://www.techsmith.com

          Otherwise, you could try Camstudio (Free) or Hypercam 2 (Free, With Watermark though)

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Camtasia, naturally. The question there is of course, if you couldn't just spend the money as well on SketchUp Pro which renders movies and image sequences natively... Also do not forget, that Photoshop CS4 Extended can also import SketchUp models to some degree and allows to animate the basic transforms as well as the camera. So if you have that, it may present another option.