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    API compatibility


      Question for both player developers and plug-in developers:


      Looking into the future beyond OSMF 1.0, what are your expectations for backward compatibility with the APIs from one version of OSMF to the next?


      As development progresses from version 0.1 up to 1.0, the customer feedback we've been getting has been great, and it's directly influenced some our choices on features and design, and consequently the APIs.  We plan to use the moniker "version 1.0" to signal that the APIs are set and that we'll support them for some period of time.  How long after 1.0 do you need those APIs to keep working?  Can the 1.0 APIs change for 2.0, or do they need to continue to work in 2.0?  How about 3.0?


      Given how fast things move with online video and related services, it would make development of future versions of the framework much easier if we can place less of an emphasis on enduring backward compatibility.  The challenge is finding the right balance between a blank slate and permanent backwards compatibility.


      Any thoughts are appreciated!


      Sumner Paine, product manager

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          Avi Kessner

          I would expect backwards compatibility for anything that is developed for the same FlashPlayer version.


          If OSMF 3.0 comes out while FlashPlayer 10.1 is still the current version of the player, I would expect backwards compatibility.


          I would only accept/understand backwards compatibility breaking if new features of the FlashPlayer exists which the new version of OSMF needs to take into account.