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    Automating Complex jobs - advice needed (all are welcome)

    M V SHAJI Level 1

      Hi all,


      We have successfully implemented XMl workflow with fully automated through script which will place all tables and images as per citation etc. and its working fine (this jobs are one time script writing since its a same style and same layout) and its a magazine & journals.


      Now we are concentration to automate the book we know that its not one time script since each book has different elements and styles and boxes.


      Here what we need a adivce from the scripting guys how to tackle these types of projects.


      The projects which we have is high complex jobs lots of boxes (each box has its own design). We are going to take the book projects in XML workflow using DOCbook.


      All the boxes are placed in the library, we have a question if we placed the boxes styles in library is the script is capable of draging the appropriate boxes from library and place the text automatically using script. Since we did't try using the library.


      Sorry I am through ideas which we have anybody who came across with the complex jobs automation will give some ideas of how to tackle these types of projects.





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          SuperMacGuy Level 2

          Do you want "general" advice or something more specific for your project?

          Generally, when I have a large project, I like to break it down to smaller components. I script one simple action to make sure it all works. Then I try another part of the job and make sure all those commands work. Once I have about 60% of the core functions worked out then I start to combine them into a workflow application (I use XCode to develop Applescript applications). In each step I make sure to code it for flexibility for future changes.

          As for dealing with library objects like  you mention, I have not tried to work with libraries. You should make sure that you can script the library objects, if that is how you are going to fill items or build a document.