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    Unable to access jarfile ... mxmlc doesn't work

    Drizzling Enthalpy Community Member

      I now have everything in Alchemy set up right and working with Cygwin. Programs compile to SWCs and SWFs using gcc and g++, but when I try to use mxmlc, I get the following:


      Unable to access jarfile /cygdrive/c/flex/lib/mxmlc.jar


      Before I added the path $FLEX_HOME, I got a similar error:


      Unable to access jarfile /cygdrive/c/flex/bin/../lib/mxmlc.jar


      Even now, when I enter "$adt -version", I get:


      Unable to access jarfile /cygdrive/c/flex/bin/../lib/adt.jar


      What is the problem and how do I fix this so I can use mxmlc with alchemy from cygwin? And yes, I do have those files that supposedly can't be accessed, and they're in the right folder. C:\Flex\lib has everything in it.