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    CS3 (on Windows 7) upgrade to CS4

    Andrew M Clark Level 1

      Hello -


      I currently have CS3 Master Collection running on Windows 7 64bit Ultimate RC. I know that CS3 is not certified to run on 64bit systems and yes I know that my version of Win 7 is a beta build.


      So my question is:


      - Once I get the *real* Win 7 OS later this month, would it be ok to install CS3 on there and then the upgrade to CS4?




      - Should I install a Win XP 32bit OS, install CS3, upgrade to CS4, then upgrade to Win 7?


      I realize any which way I go, I'll have to de-activate, wipe clean the HDD, and then reinstall with whichever methods you experts recommend. Or maybe some other way you all can think of that I may not be seeing here.