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    PE4-Photo quality poor in pe4


      I created a slideshow in photoshop elements 6 and for some reason this time my photo quality is pixelated when I open it in pe4.  When I look at the slideshow in pe6, it is clear, then when I transfer after I save as a wmv file, the quality degrades and the text and photos are pixelated.


      I have windows xp.  The way I transfer my slideshow is to save as a wmv file then I open it in pe4 and add my soundtracks and menus.  I also tried the burn to dvd and the quality got just slightly better.  PLEASE HELP!!!!  I need to complete this slideshow this week-end.  I have been told before to just send the slideshow to pe4, but for some reason, my computer freezes up when I try to open in pe4.....anyway, your help is GREATLY appreciated!!


      Please speak in laymen terms as I get confused when terms are too technical.  Thank you!!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Many of the output slideshow options you select in Photoshop Elements 6 will produce a WMV file.


          Instead, choose the option to Send to Premiere Elements. This sends the slideshow to a Premiere Elements project in native photo state. (Actually, it's a slideshow interchange file, but you can break it back into photos by right-clicking on it on the Premiere Elements timeline and selecting the option to break apart the slideshow.) Also, don't forget to render by pressing the Enter key so that the red line above the clips on the timeline turns green.


          Meantime, make sure your photos are optimized to no larger than 1000x750 pixels, per the FAQs to the right of this forum for best results.


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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            If you are reporting that you have tried the Photoshop Elements 6 Slideshow Editor Output Option "Send to Premiere Elements" and got and still get freezes/errors, then I would ask you to state your computer resources:

            a. installed RAM and free RAM

            b. free hard drive space (internal and, if you are using it, external)


            The biggest offender in this type of problems is oversized photos and a huge slideshow. How many photos are involved in the Photoshop Elements Slideshow Editor Filmstrip and what else is there besides the photos?


            As Steve Grisetti has asked "What are the pixel dimensions of your photos?" Grossly oversized photos (and a lot of them) can get you into the problem that you described.

            Do you know how to determine the pixel dimensions of a photo that went into the Photoshop Elements slideslow? One easy way is to take one of the photos into the Photoshop Elements Full Editor, go to the Image Menu/Resize/Image Resize and look in the Image Resize dialog to see what it says for pixel dimension.


            Suggestions for batch resizing of photos can be offered if needed.


            Other related questions:

            a. What is the file size (also called profile) that you set when you are saving your slideshow as .wmv (Save As File Movie .wmv) dialog?

            b. When you have your .wmv on the Premiere Elements 4 Timeline, see your pixelated images in the Edit Mode Monitor, what do you find if you right click the Monitor, select Magnification? What is the Magnification set at...Fit, 100%, or other?

            c. What is the total run time of that .wmv that you are bringing into Premiere Elements 4?



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Along with Steve's suggestions, this ARTICLE might help you to prepare your still images for Video.


              Good luck,