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    Hollywood FX PRO v5.1 into premier pro cs3

    vasikaranda Level 1

      Hi friends,


      I have Hollywood FX PRO v5.1 but it is not working for PPR CS3. I need to use this with PPR so is there any Idea? Please somebody let me know.....

      Thank you.


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Ask Pinnacle, but odds are you can't use it.

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            dradeke Adobe Employee

            Wow, take me back... I used to be a Pinnacle employee many moons ago.


            Hollywood FX discontinued development for Premiere Pro as soon as they moved to Liquid and Studio which was years ago.  Currently I think Studio is the only thing that is left and there was only ever really one person developing it.  Neat little product but your chances of that working with a recent version of Premiere Pro are pretty much non existant.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Do a Search for "Hollywood FX" in this forum. About 8 mos. ago, there was a thread on doing this. Going back to earlier versions, there were some renaming tips for using HW-FX with PrPro. However, with the Pro version, some other things had to be done. It seems that one was getting things to work in Vista.


              IIRC, the OP for that thread found a workaround that worked perfectly for them. I just do not recall what that workaround was. Maybe success is just a search away. Unfortuntely, I do not recall any of the posters to that thread to help you more.


              Good luck, and please update this thread, if you have success.