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    Improving resize effect performance?

    JaumeMussons Level 1




      I have a component where i put a canvas, with some textinputs inside and a big datagrid that has all top, left, right and bottom constraits. The thing is that i'm doing a resize effect for the canvas and i get a very very choppy animation...


      I tried setting all the components inside the canvas to visible = false, and this gained some speed, but even this way is not fluid. I think i'm missing something, as animating only the canvas without any datagrid inside delivers a good animation.


      So resuming: I have a canvas with lots of components inside, and mainly a big datagrid. I do a resize effect and hide all the components before starting the animation, making them visible after it's complete. i set the suspendbackgroundprocessing = true for the effect, but still i'm getting a very bad animation framerate.


      Is setting the components to visible = false enought, or may i set another properties that afect display / resizing operations?



      Is there any way to improve the perceived speed?


      i have no more ideas...