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    Help on updateDisplayList sequence calls


      Hi all,

      I'm currently working on the Callout code (from this adobe example http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/samples/fig_callout/).


      The code contains two AS classes CalloutContainer.as and CalloutBorder.as. Second class is a programatically border used to render the CalloutContainer.

      I'm using these classes in a project with ModestMaps library (to work with maps like GoogleMaps Flash API). The problem is the first time the Callout is rendered all is fine but if I move the map the Callout is not right positioned.

      I have debugged the code and seems the first time the Callout is rendered both CalloutContain.updateDisplayList and CalloutBorder.updateDisplayList (in that order) are invoqued. Next when I move the map only ColloutBordr.updateDisplayList is invoqued. What I need is to execute CallouytContaine.updateDisplayList always before CalloutBorder.updateDisplayList.


      I hope to explain more or less well so you can understand me (sorry for my poor english).


      What I need is some explanation (or references to some docs) about programatically border classes or how updateDisplayList methods are called.


      Thanks in advice.