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    MOV render settings for use in FCP

    Weatherston Studio Level 1

      I am working with a local television station whose editor is using FCP exclusively.  In my workflow I am used to rendering uncompressed AVI files but they can't see them on their Macs.  They would rather get MOVs from me but (not being very familiar with Quicktime) everything I send them is wrong for one reason or another.  Does anyone have experience rendering out files from PPro and AME for use with FCP?  Do they need to buy a certain codec?  Are there some render settings that I am horribly unaware of?  I'm shooting HDV 1080i and need to render out to 720p.  Everything looks and works great on my end, no problems whatsoever.  They just can't use it any of it.  Thanks for the help.

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          xavierpayne Level 1

          I am surprised there are no responses for this.


          I have googled for hours on this very topic.


          Can it really be true that there isn't an *editing* codec that's PP and FCP friendly?


          I already know I can't do ProRes on a PC. All the DVCPRO HD options AME gives me don't give me any control over the final export resolution.


          Is my best option Quicktime H.264 at maximum bitrate and enabling Maximum Render Quality? That's a finishing codec. Hardly desirable for further editing. But it seems to be the only reliable way I've found to get most of the data I want (preserving colors, nice smooth resized, decent file size, etc.)


          I've tried animation and uncompressed 10bit and 8bit. The later two won't even open and the first seems to massively desaturate the video.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Why would anybody using 64 bit CS5 willingly go for a 32 bit codec like QuiRcktime? To see grass grow?

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              xavierpayne Level 1

              Harm> Good question. In my case it's for a handful of reasons:

              1. I don't know any better.
              2. Have a customer requirement to hand them trimmed footage (They just want the highlights not everything that was originally shot).
              3. They want the trimmed footage in as lossless a format as they can get that's still editable convienently on a mac book.


              The original footage is 1920x1080 24mb/sec AVC @ 60i (29.97fps)


              They suggested ProRes (not possble at all on a PC to my knowledge). Or DVCPRO HD. Which is technically possible but ends up matting the footage due to DVCPRO HD not supporting the resolutions the camera originally shot in.


              I've seen you post quite a lot around here and it seems like you've been using the Adobe suite for a while.


              I've only been doing this for a year. Got any tricks or tips to help out a noob wanting to learn how to do it right?


              Googling I found tons of tutorials/videos/etc on going FCP -> PP. Next to zero on going the other way. Most things I did find claim it's not possible which strikes me as a cop out answer.


              I have an i7 975 3.3ghz quad core so rendering times aren't too bad. (just under two hours for 3 minutes of video). What I have resorted to is rendering the same project out in every single codec I have and trying to load it in FCP to see which looks best.


              As you can imagine this is getting pretty tiring.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                My problem is that I don't know about MAC and FCP, so this suggestion may not work, but at least try it:


                Export with Lagarith (lossless) in the format you want. For instance 1920 x 1080. Again, I don't know whether FCP will accept Lagarith.


                As happens so often, there are much more PC users than MAC users, so it is a lot easier to get help with PC than MAC.

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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5

                  Try the AVID DNxHD codecs.



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                    jeremy d. Level 3

                    ProRes get a big * next to it on this forum. I think people have been having problems with it.

                    I would search the forum for info about it.

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                      xavierpayne Level 1

                      Thanks Harm,


                      I meant to say it takes  just under 2 hours to render 30 (not 3) minutes of video.


                      I have used lagarith on PC a bunch quite a bit I haven't been able to find a mac version of the codec though.


                      I'm going to look into:


                      AVID DNxHD


                      as someone here suggested. I thought I remembered reading somewhere that they give the codec away for free now. But maybe I am thinking of something else.

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                        xavierpayne Level 1

                        Avid DNxHD does appear to provide the codec (suitable for encoding/decoding) free for windows and mac!




                        I am downloading it now and will update this post with what I find out.


                        Thanks to every who has offered suggestions and pointed me new directions.

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                          shooternz Level 6

                          I provide my Post House with movs (720p) for finishing and mastering in a FCP workflow.


                          No problems either end of the workflow.


                          I use Component Video 24-bit


                          Uncompressed  YUV 10-bit


                          Note: both require a render in FCP

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                            xavierpayne Level 1

                            What encoding do you use within the quicktime envelope? Animation?

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                              eckelsteve1 Level 1

                              I am editing on a Mac and have had good luck with 1920x1080 prores.  I find that animation is great for graphics, not so great for live footage.  Except if you are creating something that will turn into Flash, animation movs are Flash friendly in my experience