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    Record Audio from webpage

      I am trying to record the sound from my webpage. The only audio selections that Contribute offers are Microphone and In-Line. Selecting either Microphone or In-Line will not record the audio from my web page.

      How do I record the audio from my webpage using Captivate.

      Thank you
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, deDogs

          If you absolutely must capture the audio using Captivate, you may need to consider using a patch cable that you connect between the Speaker out port of your PC and the Microphone or Line In port. You can buy these at a store such as Radio Shack.

          Another alternative is to record the audio separately using something such as the Freecorder toolbar. Then add it into Captivate after you have recorded the mouse actions.
          Click here to visit the Freecorder Toolbar site.

          Cheers... Rick