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    Acrobat Reader crashes on 2nd viewing of same file


      I am in the final stages of building a 50+ page RichMedia eBook. (This is for teaching about woodblock printmaking.)  The file contains links to 17 movie clips, and dozens of audio clips. (None of this is embedded.)


      Recently, I have been having in issue where Acrobat Reader (9) will crash if the file is read, closed, opened, and then read again. I have created a stripped-down version - three pages, with only two audio links - that still reproduces the problem, which happens like this:

      • Play an audio clip. Either let it run to the end, or stop it part-way along; it makes no difference.
      • Play another audio clip.
      • Close the file. Don’t restart the Acrobat Reader.
      • Open the same file again.
      • Try and play an audio clip.
      • Boom ... down she goes.


      The same crash happens using Acrobat Pro. I have uploaded the test file (344Kb zipped .pdf file), for anybody who would like to see this - file is here. I would very much appreciate any thoughts on why this is happening, and how I can fix it. TIA!