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    How to pass parameters to swf embedded in htmlText field ???

    Ziggizag Level 1

      It's about Flash CS4 and AS3.


      It's possible to embedd a SWF file in htmlText filed in a Flash movie.


      For instance, if you create a htmlText filed in your movie and write into it the following sentence:


      <img src="http://www.youtube.com/swf/l.swf?video_id=2LTSFPkqZyg"  width="460" height="350" vspace="-70">


      You will be able to watch a YouTube movie about David Bowie just inside your Flash movie's htmlText field.


      As you may notice, the adress of the external swf contains a parameter: video_id=2LTSFPkqZyg.


      It seems l.swf is just a generic player application used by YouTube while a parameter identifies actual FLV streamed.


      Fine - but I tried to replicate this functionality at my server and for whatever reason I am unable to collect any parameter sent this way to kind of a generic player I created.


      The generic player works fine in case its URL with parameters is typed directly in a browser address field, but it fails to detect parameters while it's address with parameters is sent from SCR tag of htmlText filed of another Flash movie...


      Any idea how to overcome this nasty problem???