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    Video Format Primer?




      I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to video recording and editing. One of the things, so far, that has caused me the greatest confusion is the sheer number of video formats and variants.


      Can anyone recommend a good primer to video formats aimed at beginners?


      Just for reference, my situation is this:

      I recently bought a video camera to record my sons 2nd birthday (and future child related events). It records in HD and doing so means that 10 minutes of footage runs to almost half a gig (as an MTS file, is this AVCHD?), which makes the editing process incredibly slow, glitchy and frustrating. I can convert the footage in PE8 by 'sharing' it for PC in another format, but I am not sure what format I should be using for the best balance between size and quality. Also, this process is a little cumbersome. Is there an easier way to convert the video before going through Premiere?


      So, yeah, any hints, tips, links to primers or tutorials on this type of thing would be extremely welcome.