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    mx.data missing

      i have been trying to figure out, how to make an application with datagrid, that has automatic refresh of data based on the scrollbar (displaying only 100 records) out of thousands from the database application (via xml)
      in the flex 1.5 there was a recordset object, which is nto available in the flex 2.0.
      i have found in the flex data services documentation there is a class DataService which can do it, its under package mx.data.
      i was looking everywhere, googled a lot, but i cant find a way how to enable mx.data package, which is not available in my flex builder2 installation (downloaded from adobe, 30 day trial) nor in the SDK
      any way how to solve this?
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          I have had the same problem up to a few minutes. Now I have copied the file from...Adobe\Flex Data Service\jrun4\servers\default\flex\WEB-INF\flex\libs to the $framework path and it works